Lumber Inn

Fresh, Local, Organic for over 30 Years!

Dave and Shar Huebner first opened Delafield’s Lumber Inn in 1983. For the next 19 years, the Huebners successfully built a loyal customer base. In 2002, the Lumber Inn’s current owner Raul Perez, took over in a story that is truly exemplary of the American Dream.

Raul Perez’s success story begins thirty one years ago, when his passion for the restaurant business first began.  Coming to the United States from Mexico when he was 17, Perez initially settled in Waukegan, IL and began working as a dishwasher before getting the chance to learn how to cook. For the next six months, he worked in a restaurant kitchen without wage, his only compensation being free meals. But with every meal prepared in someone else’s kitchen, Perez’s passion for great food grew, and his dreams of running his own restaurant were realized.

After learning enough culinary skills to go off on his own, Perez found another job as a cook—this time one that was paid. Eventually settling in Waukesha, WI with his family, he continued to work in a variety of family style restaurants, allowing him to work his way up the culinary ladder and become a chef. After years of saving for his own restaurant and gaining managerial experience, Perez was referred by a former employer in 2002 to buy the for-sale Lumber Inn in the heart of Delafield, WI.

Today, Perez still successfully runs the Lumber Inn and continues to make it one of the best restaurants in Lake Country Wisconsin. He is a true example of how ambition and a lot of hard work can make your goals attainable.